This Week in Spicy Dog Media

We're super super busy this week with Spicy Dog Media. Our recent documentary has just gone into first phase editing, which we're super excited to share a sneaky trailer soon! Our Facebook video featuring our founder Peter has gained a nice bit of traction in the last couple of days with a couple of thousand views, you can check it out here:

What's new in the world of Social Media? 

The big upset last week was of course the snapchat update, which interestingly saw their stock price rise ... why? Stock prices are based on how much money a company can make, and Snapchat's new update is certainly tailored for the advertisers of the platform. However us here at Spicy Dog Media think it won't be long until it's users backlash may affect the price holding. 

We're also super excited about our Epic St Patrick's Day Video which is currently in pre-production and we cannot wait to share, we hope it's going to be a viral hit! 

First Blog post of many,