The Result of Months of Hard Work - Pays Off! A Semi - Viral Video.

So as of writing this article our St. Patrick's Day Video has nearly 50K views,( 82% organic ) been featured on,,, Ireland AM,, Irish Examiner, Storyful WorldWide, Ocean Fm, The Irish Times, and had been shared over 300 times from the original post alone. 

So why did we make this fun little video? 

Here at Spicy Dog Media our aim it to be at the forefront of Internet Video - simple.

So we decided to do this experiment to see how far we could really take it. The video was orchestrated over months, and had numerous moving parts. The snow of the previous weeks didn't really help either, we had to postpone the original shoot by 12 days, which meant our whole distribution plan was destroyed. Life... hey?

The video only had 3 full days to build traction, because the second Paddy's Day was over, the video was inevitably a dead duck. 

What I'd say to potential clients, or anyone reading this is simple. If the content isn't good you're not going anywhere. No matter how much advertising money you may spend. Content is King. 

Here's our top tips to having successful internet video: 

  • Keep It short - anything over 2min and you're not going to be favoured on the Facebook ranking system. 
  • Keep It relevant - Paddy's Day video before Paddy's Day make's sense ...... right? 
  • Make sure it's quality. - If you're not confident you can produce quality content, chances are you need to get someone like us in to make sure your idea goes places. 
  • Resist the urge to brand - Facebook and other social media sites hate branding everywhere, you'll notice in our video we don't mention Spicy Dog Media once. If the content is good enough the consumer will come via your page. 
  •  Keep the text above the post, snappy engaging and don't use any 'spam like' wording. Don't demand anything on the post. Anything like Tag, Share, Like, any real call's to Action will be denoted by Facebook as Spam and your ranking will be effected which in turn means your content won't be seen. Be smart with your text, notice how we encouraged people to tag friends by saying "  Know anyone who loves St. Patrick’s Day this much? "

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