Boring small Business? - How to win on social media!

I often get asked how to create content and post on social media for businesses that may not be the most flashy and 'clickable'. 

The simple trick here is to bring genuine value to the other end user. I mean genuine value. Bring enough value, gather an audience and you will be rewarded with the results. 

There are only 3 ways to bring value: 

- Actual Discounts on your product/Service 

-  Bring Entertainment 

- Give Advice 

Here's my advice on the 3 ways to bring Value: 

Give Advice

- This is the real winner here. If you're a small business, a business that isn't the most sexy or appealing this is your real route to online success. Give advice, lots of it..... FREE!! Answer the questions you and your business always gets asked, solve the common problem, be the good guy here.

Make a video every week on your phone in your business offering advice on your chosen area, post one video a week for 2 months, and watch the brand grow and the audience reel in .....I guarantee it. 

- Don't make up waffle, and don't beat around the edges give your audience advice on your area of expertise. 

- Examples: 

- Car sales business - Give advice on winter checks for your car / How to check tyre Pressure, oil level etc. ... Easily made advice video.

- Builders/ Trade Men - Give advice on the top mistakes made by first time builders, and buyers. Advice on the best insulation on the market etc....

-IT Services - Talk about online security, give advice on common mistakes made. 

- Do a FREE online Q + A Session to help your consumers. 


- This is the easiest one by far on social media and your website.  The trick here is to know your audience and what they're interested in, what they're watching, what they're talking about. 

- Whatever you do, do not comment on politics or religion. Be careful with sport, but forget about the other two. 

- Remember the content, the photo the video doesn't have to be yours. If you see something you think your followers might appreciate online, share it. Remember it's just a post if it works it works, if it doesn't forget about it move on. Analyse every successful and unsuccessful post and learn. But don't dwell. 

- If you're and Irish based company you 100% should have a couple of posts ready to go for the GAA All Ireland series. Everyone talks about it, why can't they talk about it on your page. 

- Remember with entertainment it has to be relevant, sure a picture of a cat might be funny but unless you're selling catfood forget about it. Try post genuine entertainment, but as I've said..... it doesn't have to be your photo you're posting. 



Discounts + Promotional Offers:

- Be careful with this one, online there's so much in your face that often times people can become tired of discounts or special offers, if it's an offer make sure it's a bloody good one. 

-Offer promotional offers solely on your Social Media accounts, for example like our Facebook page for special offers that only appear here.

- Sometimes the consumer will engage more with the page if they're finding out more about your offers, but don't bombard anyone with Special Offers. You'll become the middle section of the paper no one reads.

- Chose your wording carefully. Timing is everything, what about a plumber posting special fixing offers for their dedicated Facebook followers, over the cold winter period. Imagine you're tap is broken you're scrolling through Facebook and you see Bob the local guy has a post on Facebook about fixing taps and has a special offer on for certain tap fitments.