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Boring small Business? - How to win on social media!

Boring small Business? - How to win on social media!

I often get asked how to create content and post on social media for businesses that may not be the most flashey and 'clickable'. 

The simple trick here is to bring genuine value to the other end user. I mean genuine value. Bring enough value, gather an audience and you will be rewarded with the results. 

A snowy week at Spicy Dog Media HQ!

Alot happening in the past few days with the Spicy Dog Team. This week we were scheduled to shoot our epic St.Patrick's day video but the shoot itself has been postponed, so it's going to be a tight turnaround! We're still as pumped as ever. Social media is really being pushed within the Spicy Dog Team, we've just set up our Instagram page which you should check out here:  And we've also been pushing our Facebook page, we're new ducks to a big pond so please give us a like and watch this space. We're currently working on a bunch of Social Media Posts to be published in the next few days! 

We know we're crazy about social media, but here's a little video we found online that shows just how crazy some people are about their phones. We found this fascinating! 

Finally our founder Peter had been pitching to an Enterprise Dragon's Den panel in association with IADT, earlier on in the week and won us here at the Spicy Dog Team Hot-Desking Space within the IADT Media Cube! 

Our Founder Peter Pitching to the Dragon's Den Panel

This Week in Spicy Dog Media

We're super super busy this week with Spicy Dog Media. Our recent documentary has just gone into first phase editing, which we're super excited to share a sneaky trailer soon! Our Facebook video featuring our founder Peter has gained a nice bit of traction in the last couple of days with a couple of thousand views, you can check it out here:

What's new in the world of Social Media? 

The big upset last week was of course the snapchat update, which interestingly saw their stock price rise ... why? Stock prices are based on how much money a company can make, and Snapchat's new update is certainly tailored for the advertisers of the platform. However us here at Spicy Dog Media think it won't be long until it's users backlash may affect the price holding. 

We're also super excited about our Epic St Patrick's Day Video which is currently in pre-production and we cannot wait to share, we hope it's going to be a viral hit! 

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