Documentary work is a creative passion of ours. We’re story tellers at heart, and through documentaries one can tell real world stories that make can make an impact. Below is some of the Documentary work we currently have on the go.


Up and coming

We’re currently working on a number of short documentary pieces. Documentaries are extremely time consuming pieces, that take months or even years to get off the ground. We’re working closely with some up and coming directors with exciting documentary projects to reveal very very soon.


Peter Kilmartin Documentary Director

Peter is currently graduating from the National Film School of Ireland as a documentary director major. Peter’s graduate documentary film is centred around two exonerated prisoners finding love, and freedom in each-other.

Peter’s focus is very much a wide spread of political, and historical stories that encourage audiences to reflect on the substance matter. Peter’s focus is on telling stories that have an emotional connection with audiences on a number of levels.

Peter is avidly perusing a number of feature and short documentary projects.

Documentary style promotional videos

Often times the documentary genre can be over-looked in terms of promotional videos. We can tell a brands story, or history in a documentary fashion to engage audiences on a whole other level. Having your customers feel for your back story is fundamental to continued support, and growth.